Curious? Ask "Dear Abbye"

Over the years Abbye Williams has fielded many, many questions from clients, prospective clients, vendors, and journalists. While she'll never reveal her clients' trade secrets, she's happy to answer a few "Dear Abbye" questions.

  • I've been selling my spaghetti sauce at farmers markets and demand is growing.
    Can you help me find a manufacturer to make it for me? Can you help sell it?

    The short answer is yes, I can. However, I'll have lots of questions for you. For instance, what makes your sauce better and different from existing sauce brands? Are you really ready to go up against "Newman's Own" pasta sauce?

  • How do I know you will not steal my recipes and ideas?

    While I love developing and launching products, I have no interest in day-to-day, full-time management. I discovered this about myself when I ran a lemonade stand the summer after fourth grade.

    My business is helping individuals and companies create successful food-related products and ventures. While I am privy to many wonderful ideas, I sign a confidentiality agreement with every client to keep those trade secrets...secret.

  • Can I find companies online that can manufacture my product?

    Yes. Thanks to Google and other search engines, you can find anything online. However, I can save you time and prevent costly mistakes by evaluating vendors from a more objective perspective, and serving as both liaison and advocate with the selected vendors.

  • Do you charge by the hour or by the project?

    It depends on the complexity of the project. If you're a potential client, our first step is discussing your project. If this complimentary chat shows that your needs fit my skills, I will prepare a written proposal and estimate.

  • Will you invest your time in my company so I don't have to pay you?

    No, sorry! I have this crazy mortgage habit that keeps requiring infusions of cash.

  • Do you work alone?

    It depends on the project. When the assignment requires additional expertise, I frequently call upon members of my "power team" which includes a food technologist, several packaging designers, and various co-packers.

  • Abbye Williams, what have you done with Abbye Freiman?

    Don't worry, they're both me. I decided to test the validity of that old saying "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach." It’s true! We got married in 2004.

  • Who designed your great website?

    Even consultants need consultants. This site was designed by Paula L. Johnson, who is also known for her outstanding macaroni and cheese recipe.


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